New Cute Apps For Easy Update On Your Gmail & Social Networks

Pokki Apps With Real-time Notifications Right From Your DesktopIn our daily lives, technology make hard task go lighter to make it easy for us. Thanks to computer technology it is now easy for us to connect, communicate, and update to our friends and relatives. I'm sure you use computer everyday just to get updated of everything, just like in social networking you log in and check if your friends have a new post, status, tweets, message, etc. or in Emails. But are you getting tired of opening too many tab and browsing too many site in your everyday lives just to check if there's an updates?.

Well you should try this one. Now with this new software release by Pokki you can download your favorite applications like Gmail, Facebook, Tweeki, eBay, Headlines, pWeather, Groupie, Wall Street and Living Social.

Now with Pokki cute little applications, you can now log in to your favorite sites and receive a real-time notifications right to your computer desktop. Easy to get an updates on your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.with just one click on a featured Pokkies on your desktop. No need for internet browsers.

Stay on top of your email with badge notifications and easy account switching.

Pokki Gmail Desktop Application 
Pokki Gmail Desktop Application Screenshot

A beautiful application that makes Twitter easy for everyone.

Pokki Twitter Desktop Application 
Pokki Twitter Desktop Application Screenshot

Stay close to friends with real-time notifications and update your status right from your desktop

Pokki Facebook Desktop 
Application Screenshot
Pokki Facebook Desktop Application Screenshot

So what are you waiting for? Go and try this cute little desktop applications. Download which ever apps you like. Pokki Site:

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