Guide On How To Disable Automatic Reboot On System Failures

How to turn off automatic reboot on system failures
Do your computer experiencing errors or BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and suddenly reboot? Its because of the default configuration in your computer system that if there's an error occur your computer will reboot automatically. But there is a big problem, you dont know what the cause of the problem because the computer did not notify you the cause of the problem due to automatic system reboot. So how you gonna fix the occured error if you dont have atleast a little information of its cause. How are you gonna find for a solution or help if you dont have any information about the problem. Are you just gonna ignore it? But if you dont fix it, it will occur again and again.

Well, I will teach you how to disable the automatic rebooting of your computer. So when an error occured you will get the chance of knowing its cause. So lets disable the automatic restarting follow these steps.

Search sysdm.cpl using start menu search bar
Search sysdm.cpl using start menu search bar

First click "start orb" then on search bar type in "sysdm.cpl" then click on it. Take note: In some cases in window 7 and vista you'll have to open it using right click then "run it as administrator".

After that, the System Properties box will appear. Click the "Advanced" tab then in Startup and Recovery click "Settings".

System properties advance tab and startup & recovery setting
System properties advance tab box and startup & recovery setting box

Then Startup and Recovery box will appear. In the System Failure, uncheck the box for "Automatically Restart" and then click the OK button.

Disabling / Turning off system automatic restart on system failures
Disabling / Turning off system automatic restart on system failures

There you go, your computer now wont reboot if an error occured. You'll have the chance to fix it now.
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