How To Revert New Facebook Chat To Previous One

How revert facebook chat sidebar to older version?After facebook layout changes, some facebook users complain about the new interface of facebook chat sidebar. Maybe they hate it because they find it hard to use and irritating because it occupy the whole sidebar making the main page to resize.

For me, I hate the new sidebar because it shows a lots of your friends whether they're online or offline, unlike the older chat sidebar it shows only who's online.

Imagine if you have a lot of friends, lets say a 1,000 friends and 200 of them are online. Even if they are arrange in alphabetically base on there name, it takes time to scroll down and up just to look for 1 person.

New facebook chat sidebar screenshot
New facebook chat sidebar screenshot

Well, here's a way to disable the new facebook chat sidebar to the recover the older version of chat sidebar.

Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler
This add-on performs the exact same operation but with a different style. This one works for smart phones like IPhone or android because it has an Opera version. After installing the add-on in order to toggle between old-style chat and new-style chat, use the Options menu in the buddy list.

Facebook chat sidebar disabler logo
Facebook chat sidebar disabler logo

For Mozilla Firefox:
Download FB Chat Sidebar Disabler Here

For Opera:
Download FB Chat Sidebar Disabler Here

For Google Chrome:
Download FB Chat Sidebar Disabler Here

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