Guide On How To Add Theme / Background On Facebook

How to add a themes or background to facebook
Are you a facebook user? If you have your own computer and want to add some spice in your facebook site's look. Well, I will teach you how to spice up your facebook theme and take note, this is for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Just follow these easy steps:

First, Run your Internet Browser. If you dont have it you can download it below. Choose what you like and click the link to download.

               Download Mozilla Firefox Here         Download Google Chrome Here

Stylish Addons Logo
Stylish Addons Logo
Installing Stylish Addon / Extension
After you download and install youre chosen Internet Browser. Run it and go to the sites below and install "Stylish" add-ons. Choose the site corresponding to what Internet Browser youre using.

For Mozilla Firefox :
Download Stylish Addons Here

For Google Chrome :
Download Stylish Extension Here

Next after you've finish installing the Stylish add-ons, Go to and choose any facebook theme you like and click on it

Facebook Themes List screenshot
Facebook Themes List Screenshot

Then on the green box, Click the drop down menu and choose the Internet browser your using. For mozilla firefox chose "Firefox/Mozilla app" and for Google Chrome chose "Chrome" and then click "Install with Stylish".

Green drop-down menu screenshot
Green drop-down menu screenshot

Now, go to and wait for a few seconds for stylish to load up or refresh it. And Thats it!

If you wish to disable the theme you can just click on the Stylish logo on the right corner of url bar and click disable. To enable it again, go to setting then go to tools and click on extensions.

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